Who do I inform following a relative's death?

Following death, the following persons need to be notified:

  • · The Bank or Building Society
  • Any employer, school, college or university
  • Investment and Insurance Companies, including Car Insurance
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Gas, Electric and Telephone also Water Companies
  • Any Professional Associations
  • The Local Authority

Documents and Equipment that may be returned:

  • Library Books and Tickets
  • Car Insurance Documents and property insurance especially buildings insurance.
  • Club Membership Cards
  • National Health Service Equipment
  • Season Tickets

Consideration needs to be given to Wills and Probate in this situation. Please contact us for details of local professional advisors.

What details are required for Registration Of Death?

There are certain details that may be required for a Registration Of Death.

For more information please see the Registering a Death page.

Can I Plan a Church Service as well a service at the crematorium?

Yes you can, you can plan whatever you want. A service for a loved one can be held in a church followed by a committal at the crematorium.

Many of our families select their favourite hymns to accompany the service. Others have a song that means a lot to them or a piece of music they know they will be remembered by.

What if I die away from home or on holiday?

– Make Sure your travel policy includes full repatriation cover.

– Please Inform us as soon as you can so we can start contacting the necessary authorities.

Will there be any further cost for my executors if I have a Pre–Paid Funeral Plan?

Once paid for, the services of the Funeral Director detailed in your Funeral Plan are guaranteed to be covered (in accordance with the Terms & Conditions).

Disbursements may necessitate a further payment from you at the time of need, but Golden Leaves will guarantee any increase in the costs of Disbursements to the RPI (Retail Price Index).

Your executors may wish to pay for additional services at the time of the funeral.

Can/How do I donate my Body to Medical Research?

Before you start, decide if you wish to have a Cremation or Burial. You will then need to ring the School of Anatomy to obtain a donation form. The main Schools are Southampton or London.

If a Cremation is selected, the school will cover the costs.

If a Burial is selected, you will be responsible for cost of the funeral.

Once you have acquired the donation form you will need to make sure it is filled out and that your signature is witnessed. Once all the paperwork has been completed make sure family relatives are aware and put all the documents somewhere accessible and safe.

DWP Claim, Who organises this and how much will I receive?

We will give you advice on eligibility, organise the necessary forms and guide you through filling them in. The DWP will not consider a claim until after the funeral has taken place. The Process usually takes 5 weeks, if successful this can be in excess of £1000. If your claim is unsuccessful you are still liable for the funeral account. This is available for either a cremation or burial.

How do I know the ashes I receive are those of my loved ones?

The cremation process is governed by Cremation Regulations (England and Wales) 1st January 2009. The crematorium authorities take great care to ensure that every individual cremation is kept completely separate. Each set of cremated remains is issued with a certificate of authenticity before being released.

What do the Coroners do?

It is the Coroner’s responsibility to ascertain the cause of death. The vast majority of deaths reported to the coroner are from natural causes – only a small proportion require further investigation. The Coroner will conduct a post-mortem to find out the cause of the death. The Coroner does not require permission to investigate a death within his/her jurisdiction, and cannot be prevented from doing so. In certain circumstances, the Coroner may investigate a death even when the person has been ill for some time. The Coroner has to investigate deaths from diseases which may have been caused by the deceased’s occupation, or deaths after recent operations, as well as unnatural causes to ensure that public interest has been served.

Do I need to pay for the funeral Straight away?

No. We do not charge any upfront costs before the Funeral has taken place. Our Terms and Conditions state we require payment within 28 days after the funeral.

Can Family and Friends carry the coffin on the day of the funeral?

Yes you can and to help, we always give a briefing to ensure that you are prepared and we will be on hand to help at all times.

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