Repatriation to countries outside of England and Wales

Where it is desired to return the deceased person or the cremated remains of the deceased person to the country of birth or domicile, there are regulations and formalities to be complied with before such repatriation can be effected. Head & Wheble have considerable experience in the handling of such cases and are always ready to give assistance in obtaining the necessary certificates and forms. We will also make all arrangements regarding the provision of the regulation containers, the transportation to either the airport or seaport and reservation of space on board.

Repatriation Funeral Directors Bournemouth

Repatriation to the United Kingdom from other countries

Special regulations and formalities are also required for the repatriation to the United Kingdom of persons who have died abroad and we are fully able to make all necessary arrangements in such cases, including assisting with the necessary paper-work and transportation details.