Memorial Headstones in Poole & Bournemouth

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memorial headstones
memorial headstones
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For centuries people all over the world have created memorials to mark in time the passing of a loved one. Because of its beauty and durability, stone has always been the most popular choice and there are literally millions of memorials that stand to this day as a lasting statement to celebrate those who have lived and died, leaving behind them their mark on this world.

Because ours is one of the oldest professions and the memorials we produce, by their very nature, are of profound importance. We continually strive to maintain the high standards passed down through the ages, so that others in the future will look upon our craftsmanship the way we acknowledge the legacies from craftsmen in the past.

We trust there are designs to help stimulate the creativeness in all of us, everyone is an individual and for that fact alone, there is no reason why each memorial should not reflect this.

Please take your time when choosing the memorial stone to your loved one, it is a lasting symbol of remembrance, and a focal point for your family and friends to visit, to reflect the past, and will behold a special significance to future generations.

BRAMM – British Register of Accredited Monumental Masons

British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons

Head & Wheble Monumental Masons belong to BRAMM to ensure we maintain high standards of workmanship throughout our workplace to protect clients, burial authorities, and ourselves to supply and produce the best quality memorial as a lasting tribute. Not only will we create a fitting tribute but also ensure that your investment meets the Cemetery rules and regulations.

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