Registering a Death

When a loved one passes away the Doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death usually referred to as the Death Certificate, the informant will need this to register.

Once you’ve obtained the Death Certificate you’ll need to make an appointment with the Registrar’s Office in the District where the death occurred. The contact details will be on the white envelope containing the Medical Certificate.funeral plans in Dorset 

Other Documents to take to the Registry Office, if they are helpful to you:

  • ◆ Birth Certificate,
  • ◆ Marriage or
  • ◆ Civil Partnership Certificate and the deceased’s NHS medical card.
  • ◆ National Insurance Number.
  • ◆ Blue Badge.

Information the Registrar’s will need

  • ◆ The full name of the deceased (including the maiden name of a married woman) and any other name the deceased has been known as.
  • ◆ The date and place of birth of the deceased
  • ◆ The last usual address of the deceased
  • ◆ The date and place where death occurred
  • ◆ The deceased’s last occupation
  • ◆ The deceased’s marital status
  • ◆ The full name of the deceased’s marital partner, their last occupation and date of birth
  • ◆ If receiving a state pension or benefits, it will be useful to have their National Insurance number available.

The only document required by the Registrar from the informant is the medical certificate of the cause of death issued by the doctor. However, if the Medical Card is available, it can be given to the Registrar.

The Registrar will issue you with a green certificate, which enables the Cremation or Burial to take place, we will then need this.

The Registrar will then issue you with the Certified Copy Entries, costing £11.00. These are needed by Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies And Personal Pensions.


Most local councils run a service called ‘Tell Us Once’. All Government Departments run on National Insurance Numbers so once the deceased’s National Insurance Number is entered on the Government Computer this will cancel everything to do with the Government. The Registrar will carry this out for you whilst you are there. Your Registrar will tell you about it and give you a unique reference number to access the service online or by telephone, if you do not have the National Insurance Number. For more information visit and click on ‘Tell Us Once”.

You can also Register a death by declaration and we will give you information on this should it be necessary or more convenient. However this can prolong the funeral date.

There is a legal requirement that within five days of the death occurring, registration must be carried out in the district in which the death occurred.

Funeral Directors are NOT allowed to register a death.

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