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Honour Your Late Loved One by Sending Their Ashes into Space

When a loved one passes away, finding meaningful ways to honour their memory becomes a deeply personal and important endeavour. Traditional memorials, while timeless, may not always capture the essence of an individual’s life and personality. Nowadays though, the ways in which we can commemorate individuals after they leave us come in many unique forms – none more unique than literally sending them into space!

Aura Flights is an innovative company that allows you to honour those who have passed by sending their cremated remains into space. The service, available through Aura Flights’ website at ashesinspace.co.uk, presents an opportunity to commemorate those who have passed away in a truly exceptional and out-of-this-world manner.

So how exactly does it work? Carried into space by a stratospheric balloon, the ashes are contained within a sophisticated scatter vessel. This vessel has been designed and refined by a team of aerospace engineers to ensure a beautiful and controlled scatter in space. Equipped with an intelligent flight computer, the scatter vessel is capable of monitoring its latitude, longitude, and altitude at all times using GPS systems. Once it reaches the designated scatter altitude, precise channels open in the vessel, allowing the ashes to flow out in a gentle and controlled cascade, merging with the stratospheric winds.

Honour your late loved one by sending their ashes into space

Of course, you don’t just have to stare up to the heavens and hope the remains successfully reach their destination. The scatter vessel features two camera systems which capture the journey into space and the moment that the ashes are released. Afterwards, Aura Flights will transform the footage into a beautiful memorial video, allowing you to experience the extraordinary journey for yourself.

The space memorial package, priced at £2950, includes the memorial flight itself, video and a dedicated memorial page for the passenger on the website. Each flight is dedicated to a single passenger, and there is an option to scatter the full complement of ash or retain a portion as per your wishes.

At Head & Wheble, we understand the importance of assisting families in making memorial choices that resonate with the personalities and values of the departed. As part of the funeral services we offer in Bournemouth and Poole, our funeral directors Poole & Bournemouth are always more than happy to discuss memorials and other ways in which you can honour the lives of those who have passed. For more information about the celestial memorials offered by Aura Flights, other types of memorials and how Head & Wheble can support your choices, please contact our friendly team today.