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Poole Crematorium to Install New Electric Cremators

At Head & Wheble we welcome the recent news that two new electric cremators will be installed at Poole Crematorium. This long overdue development comes as part of a £2.7 million investment plan by BCP Council to bring the crematorium back into operation after being without cremators since 2020. These state-of-the-art cremators offer numerous advantages, including improved energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

The installation of the new cremators is expected to be completed by 2024/25, allowing Poole Crematorium to once again serve the local community as an operational facility. This announcement brings a sense of relief to many, including funeral directors in Bournemouth & Poole, faith leaders and residents, who have campaigned for the restoration of the crematorium. After operating solely as a ceremonial venue called the Halo Ceremony Hall for the past three years, with bodies being transported to Bournemouth for cremation, a return to full functionality for Poole Crematorium is a hugely positive development.

In addition to the plan for the new cremators, it is worth noting that Poole Crematorium has also undergone recent refurbishments, completed in August 2022. The refurbishment work aimed to enhance the facility, ensuring a dignified and well-maintained environment for funeral services and mourners. Consequently, the combination of these refurbishments and the installation of the new electric cremators will ensure that Poole Crematorium can once again provide exemplary funeral services to the communities of Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and further afield.

As the installation of the new cremators progresses, we will closely monitor the developments to ensure a seamless transition and to offer our clients the latest options for funeral services. Head & Wheble Funeral Directors remain committed to providing compassionate and personalised support to families during their time of loss and look forward to the reopening of Poole Crematorium, which is such an important venue for the local community.

For more information about the comprehensive range of funeral services we offer throughout Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch please get in touch with our friendly and compassionate team today.